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Fault analysis of traveling device of hydraulic excavators

What problems will happen with your motor, LKC here to answer you.


Item Problem Possible Cause Solution
1 Oil leaking from gearbox cover   { Distorted gearbox cover caused by physical damage Replace the cover and cover o-ring
Pressure build-up in gearbox  Contact the maintenance Centre
2 Oil leaking from the ring gear Damaged or worn floating (lifetime) seal Replace the floating seal
3 Gearbox oil level too high Worn oil seal or bearings caused by Hydraulic oil leaking from the motor into the gearbox
Replace oil seal or bearings
4 Excessive noise   { Insufficient oil in gearbox Gearbox / motor requires overhaul
Worn bearings or gears Replace drive with new or reconditioned unit.
Impurity disassemble the motor and gearbox
5 Gearbox casing/ring cover is hot    { No oil Add oil
Worn Bearings Gearbox requires overhaul
6 difficult climbing     { Lack of power Check hydraulic pressure at the travel motor
 Excessively worn of Travel motor Repair or replace travel motor
 Excessively worn of Gearbox Repair or replace gearbox
7 Motor works but gearbox fails to drive   { Motor shaft  broken Replace both motor shaft and 1st drive gear/sun gear 
Broken drive shaft  Replace drive shaft 
1st drive gear/sun gear broken Replace1st drive gear/sun gear 
8 Motor idling   { Wore of friction plate Replace friction plate
Wore of cylinder block Replace cylinder block
Broken motor shaft Replace motor shaft

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