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Questions and Answers
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1.   What kind of excavator your products can apply?

Our product is mainly apply in small and medium excavator, have developed a variety of models, can match 80% of 3~20 tons both domestic and foreign excavator. 

2.   Which foreign brand products your products can general apply?

Our product can absolutely apply in the same type machine of Doosan、JEILNabtescoJesungTICJI and so on .

3.   Which brand of excavator your product can apply?

Our product is not only apply in DOOSAN、DAEWOOKOMATSUHYUNDAIKOBELCOKATOSUMITOMO and so on foreign brand excavator, but also can apply in YUCHAILOVALSANYXCMGZOOMLION and so on domestic brand excavator, and can also be used in CATHITACHIKUBOTATAKEUCHI partial models.

4.   Which product your company can apply in KOMATSU excavator PC60?

Our KTM09 can apply in PC60 excavator, but need indicate this: due the different in oil pipe connector with the original motor, when this model motor apply in KOMATSU excavator, you have to replace oil pipe.

5.   We are drilling machine manufacturer, please give me a recommendation, which model of motor is suitable for our A TYPE product?

We have plenty of types, we need you provide us specification such as whole weight、hydraulic system pressure and so on about your A product. We shall let our technical staff calculate for matching, chose one the most cost-effective product for you.  

6.   How long time is your three guarantees service life?

The life of three guarantees service is usually 3months in similar product, but our life of three guarantees service is 6 months in after market, which basis on the great confident of our product performance quality and stability.

7.   How many kinds of products in your company, and the time of delivery?

There are TM04, TM06/06C, TM07, TM09/09B/09C, TM10, TM18, TM22/22C and so on 11 models. In general, TM07,TM09/09B/09C,TM10,TM18 is in stock,the number of TM04,TM06/06CTM22/22C is not much in stock.Advance order is required if above 5 .The time of delivery is 45 days.

8.   What are your advantages about your products?

We have engaged in produce of hydraulic motor 10 years, accumulated a lot of processing and technical experience. There have been 4 years since product came into market, and we won the recognition of customer in all aspects such as stability, return rate within three guarantees service, quality, service . We sale total 9800 units in 2014.The total number possess above 60% of similar domestic product.  The return rate of three guarantees service is controlled under 1.3%.It is impossible other manufacture do this.

9.   What are your advantages compare with other product about your TM10 using in drilling machine?

There was no traveling drive device special for drilling machine. Drill machine of 7~8 tons all use TM09. But because the system pressure of drill machine is all below 20 MPa, much lower than of excavator.  So the torque of TM09 in drill machine system is only 7600 N·m, traveling is impossible when encounter resistance.   Our TM10 is a product mainly used in drilling machinecinder scraper, which is researched and developed specially for mining equipment. In the basis of TM09, TM10 added torque and emergency unlocking device. The torque is 9200 N·m in the same system, which completely satisfy the requirement of traveling. Unlocking function is specially designed for drilling machine. When a failure of traveling has occurred, drag the machine to safe region by other power after simple operation of relief brake.

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