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Oil-way cleanliness requirements Installation and piping arrangement Notice before operationAbstract:



Please check the following items before installing travel motor

① Check to see if there is any breakage or defect parts.

in the process of transportation

Check whether the connection locking parts are locked in place.

Check whether the flange surface and oil return hole are protected.Check if the motor is mixed with dust and pollutants .


Recommend to use Sinopec produced oil:L-HM32 L-HM46 L-HM68 L-HM100

Oil Temperature Range and Optimum Working Viscosity

Oil Temperature Range: -20℃ - +80

Optimum Working Viscosity: 16-25mm2/s

Oil-way cleanliness requirements

If the hydraulic oil is mixed with clay 、 sand particles or metal powder, the motor internal parts will wear out much faster ,and it’s also the main cause of jam. To prevent the mixing of foreign body, hydraulic circuit needs to be installed the filter unit within 10 um or not more than 25 um.

Recommendation: pollution management NAS should be within the level of 11.

Installation and piping arrangement

①  Before installation, please check the gear oil. The standard is when open the LEVEL plug , check if there is gear oil outflow. under the flat condition of motor.

②  All installation bolt (sprocket and walking frame mounting surface), should be locked with prescribed torque.

③  Ensure the shell is full of oil.

④  Please keep the pressure of shell below 2 KGF/cm2.

⑤ Pipes need to be dried after cleaning.

⑥ The size of discharge tubing should be larger than motor discharge mouth, and the length as shorter as possible.

Oil charge and air releasing

①  Before operation ,fill the shell with hydraulic oil from the unloading port. There are precision parts, such as bearing, plunger, piston shoes, and swash plate , so please be sure to fill with the hydraulic oil before operation, or binding or damage may occur.

It may lead to abnormal operation or the damage if there is air in hydraulic circuits and motor , so it must be completely removed before operation.

Notice before operation

①  Check if the connection is correct.

②  Check if the walking direction is correct.

③ Check the motor and reducer whether there is oil leakage

④  Check whether there is abnormal temperature rise in the short term after operation.

⑤  Check whether the setting of pressure is normal.

Cause and measures


When use of hydraulic motors this section describes, messures should be taken if happened abnormal phenomena.

① Judge abnormal phenomenon carefully before maintenance, and  confirm the abnormal phenomenon is caused by hydraulic motor itself.

②  Most of abnormal abrasion is usually caused by foreign body. It also need to prevent foreign body during overhaul.

③ The internal parts of motor are precision machined parts, so we should avoid bruise on the surface when split or assembly.

④ Avoid the damage on surface of o-rings or gasket , please replace the new o-rings or gasket when dismantling and assembly.

Methods to judge abnormal phenomenon

It’s relatively difficult process to Search for the cause of the problem in the overall excavator hydraulic loop.

Try to identify the cause of the problem whether it is caused by hydraulic motor itself based on the following examination.

 To test the hydraulic oil inside the shell: open the unloading oil plug, and check the internal hydraulic oil. If it has any scrap iron and copper scrap, it means the damage of the internal parts.

② To check the abnormal sound: check whether the sound is abnormal when the hydraulic motor works.

To check pressure of the oil outlet: don't blindly disassembling inspection, check the oil inlet pressure before overhauling, and focus on the inspection of the abnormal parts.

To check the leakage of hydraulic motor: operation when the walk frame fixed, confirm whether the oil leakage is normal.

Gear oil: maintenance for the first time after 150 hours’ working.


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